Uxbridge Business Improvement Area

BIA Members

The Uxbridge BIA membership consists of over 250 unique shops and services. Our historic downtown core, centered on Brock Street, features many independently-owned niche businesses which offer both locally-made & globally-sourced finds of all kinds! Our uptown commercial area on Toronto Street South features many larger, well known national chain stores, so the Uxbridge BIA is a terrific destination for all your shopping needs. The Board of Directors work to create program and initiatives which benefit the whole BIA area.

As a BIA member each business is entitled to a free member directory listing, to promote their events on the upcoming events section of our website and social media, and to post jobs, awards & specials onto the Uxbridge BIA Facebook page. It’s great publicity for your business! We invite all BIA business owners and property owners to attend our Board Meetings, to send us suggestions for events and beautification initiatives, and to volunteer with subcommittees.

The BIA area is determined by boundaries designated by the Township of Uxbridge. Commercial property owners within the BIA area pay an annual BIA levy as part of their property tax bill. In turn, BIA businesses can be charged a BIA levy or it may be included in their monthly lease or billed as part of the TMI charges paid to the property owner. The BIA levy can be between $230 per year to $3000 per year, based on the size of the building.

The BIA functions as a Committee of Council for the Township of Uxbridge. The Township collects the BIA levy and assigns the BIA Board of Directors the funds to use for beautification projects, promotions, and events that will attract residents and tourists alike to shop, dine, and discover Uxbridge. The BIA is governed by Procedural By-laws which have been reviewed and approved by the Township Council. To keep Council aware of the BIA projects and initiatives, we attend Council twice each year and share an update with them.

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Monthly Board Meeting

Our BIA members businesses & the community are more than welcome to attend a Board meeting. Members are also welcome to present at our meetings if they have proposals or requests. To book a spot, please email us to let us know your topic and confirm a meeting date.  We welcome all ideas & would love to hear from you!

Agendas, Minutes and Budgets

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

The Uxbridge BIA is a Committee of Council for the Township of Uxbridge. As such, we have arranged for certain tasks/projects to be handled by the BIA and others to be handled by the Township. The separations of these tasks is outlined in our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The MOU was submitted into Township Council and passed as a By-law in Spring 2015.

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BIA By-laws

The BIA is governed by a set if Procedural By-laws approved by the Township of Uxbridge. Download By-laws (PDF).

If you are a business in the Brock Street area, you may be affected by the Township of Uxbridge's Heritage Sign By-law.  Download sign By-Law Package (PDF). Please consult the Township's Heritage Committee page at http://town.uxbridge.on.ca/heritage for more information.

BIA Boundaries

Not sure if your business is part of the BIA? Take a look at the map below.

Uxbridge BIA Boundaries Map

Uxbridge BIA Boundaries Map

South to North: From Walmart on Highway 47 to Uxbridge Auto Garage on Main St. and then South on Main St. to Martino’s Cabinets at Planks Lane.

West to East: From the corner of Brock St. W and Victoria St. to Marietta St.


The BIA is directed by a board of nine individuals appointed by the Uxbridge Town Council. The board is comprised of local business owners and representatives from Council.

The Chair of the BIA is Christina Curry (Keith's Flower Shop), and the Vice Chair is Caitlin Christoff Taillon (Take Root Creative).

Directors: Alexa (Woods) McCarthy (Woods Clothing), Hailey Weatherbee (H. Bee Architecture), James Drake (Bluebell Paper & Press), Trish Bush (The Bar Cafe).

Council Representatives:  Willie Popp (Ward 4 Councilor) and Todd Snooks (Ward 5 Councilor)

The BIA Board is assisted by the BIA Facilitator, Amy Stevenson

Suggestions? Questions? Need assistance? Contact us!

BIA Mailing Address
PO Box 190
51 Toronto Street South
Uxbridge ON L9P 1T1



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