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Accessibility - Let's work together to make Uxbridge barrier free!

Looking for ideas on how you can improve accessibility to your customers/clients.  The Town of Uxbridge Accessibility Advisory Committee has shared some great tips.  Check often for updates.

A few tips to Make Your Business More Accessible (Now)

  1. Make a good first impression. When people approach your business, ramps and automatic doors allow customers with mobility devices (and parents with strollers) to enter easily.
  2. Clear the aisles. Regardless of a person’s abilities, having a floor space free of obstacles allows any customer to move through the store easily and eliminates tripping hazards. When people can access all areas of your business, they’re more likely to have an enjoyable experience and spend more time there.

10 tips to make your business More Accessible (now)


Visit the Ontario Business Improvement Areas Association for some great information.

Link to Handbook

Help us make Canada accessible for all

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